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      Each box shown is personally made by Jim with finely crafted details to design, aesthetics, and functionality. His boxes are made with quality woods, stone, marble and granites. He chooses the types of wood for their unique grains and coloring and uses a natural oil finish to bring out the woods individual beauty. Jim will pair the wood with complimentary stone, marble and granite for his inlays or something creative created by Holly to add to the tops, making a very unique one-of-a-kind treasured box.

      Having been described as heirlooms, Jim has many variety of boxes to choose from. There are boxes for tea, recipes, tissue, games - card, dice, poker chips, wall jewelry boxes, key boxes and so many other ways to use your box...whether it is a large jewelry chest or a small fly fishing box, Jim's beautiful boxes are the perfect place for your most cherished keepsake items.

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All designs and patterns are copyrighted and exclusive to Buffalo Trail Artworks.

Heart and Leaf boxes by Jim Cutting
Fly fishing lure boxes by Jim Cutting.
Nuthatch key box by Jim and Holly Cutting.
Sculpted fish box by Jim and Holly Cutting
Mahogany Armoir by Jim Cutting

     Holly has enhanced some of  Jim's boxes with her artwork. See art embellished jewelry boxes, wall boxes and key boxes,  here  "Paintings" .