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      Our tables are individually hand crafted from various woods including mahogany, alder, maple, cherry, walnut, oak and fir/larch. The table tops are inlaid with stone, slate, or tiles using high strength thinset and epoxy grout for a durable and lasting surface.  Jim's woodworking is guided by the natural beauty of the material itself when he chooses the wood finishes using natural oils, glazing stains, shellacs, waxes or urethanes. 

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All designs and patterns are copyrighted and exclusive to Buffalo Trail Artworks.

      If you ordered a table it will be shipped to you in several boxes. The top is in one box with the table legs, skirt and hardware in a second box. This is for a flatter and less expensive shipping rate. We provide all the hardware and include very easy assembling instructions. You can also go to this page for instructions on how to assemble your table. "How to Assemble Table"

      Choose from one of our mosaic patterns for the stone inlay top, use plain marble or granite, or have Holly work with you to create your own design for a uniquely personal work of art. Table sizes and designs can be customized to suit your needs. Prices vary - many choices starting at $375.
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