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Links that we find useful, interesting, and/or entertaining and there is no rhyme or reason for the order that they are in.
Nice photographer and even nicer cousin!  Check out his amazing portrait shots, weddings and fine art prints.  Very talented with his photos and composition.  Check out his site.
Quote from John's photography web site... "His images remind you of the natural beauty and humor of wild places and wild critters."
A must see web site for beautiful images and great blogs.
Rumford Fireplaces - Great site about Jim Buckley's Rumford fireplaces. He still keeps a link to us even though we don't build Rumford fireplaces any more, but we can make mosaics to jazz up your Rumford. Visit Jim Buckley's site.

Mosaic link that has it all...everyone and everything mosaic.  Tons of links to artists that have done some incredible mosaics.  Mostly the traditional type with small square pieces of tile and glass.

We check for northern lights and other space stuff on   Anything you need to know about meteor showers,  sun spots, when northern lights will happen and anything else about the stars and space.  Check it out.

Latigo and Lace art gallery not only carries our things, they also have some wonderful art from other artists.  Sculpture, whimsical paintings, ceramics and much more.  If you are ever happen to wander into Augusta, Montana, this is the place to stop and see.

We are in a really nifty art gallery in Missoula, MT. 4 Ravens Art Gallery. It has some amazing art to see and buy.  Montana is full of talent.  If you are in downtown Missoula, this is a place you definitely should check out.

Google is our favorite place to look up everything.  Just in case you don't know about it,  which is hard to imagine, here is the link so you too can discover the world through their internet link.

At the Made in Montana site you will find authentic Montana goods.  All kinds of products made and grown here from fine arts, crafts, foods, agricultural and wood products to tools, machinery, software, and high-tech materials.

All kinds of links to things in Montana, even artists.  Maybe you will find something useful here or direct you to other artists in Montana you might find interesting.

Toni Spencer creates some incredible images using batik which is a melted wax resist with dye on fabric technique. You'll love
what she does and her designs and colors are so very nicely done. Take a look at her site.

Purple Pomegranate is located in the beautiful town of Whitefish, Montana.  Jim's boxes are among the fantastic art for sale in the lovely store.  It is a must see - go to place for fun and unique items.

closed store - hopefully soon to reopen
Misty Mountain Gallery

Misty Mountain Furniture is located in Sandpoint, Idaho.  They have finely crafted furniture, gift items, our mosaic tables, Jim's furniture and his boxes for sale in their store. Sandpoint is a fun place to visit, there is a pie shop there that we always stop at.

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