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       Each of Holly's hand painted items are all original pieces of art.
"My paintings all come with a story. Even my custom work for a client has a story, a connection because we both love to fish or they are reminded of their own personal story involving the image in my paintings. A bear or moose might walk through the yard, It might be something I read that sparked an interest such as the decline of leopard frogs in our area and my love of birds, it was inevitable that the  "The leopard frog and the kingfisher"  painting had to happen. I love birds, moths, dogs, animals and insects and all their intricate detailed feathers and furs, their wing patterns and their eye expressions, all of it amazes me. We have hundreds of sandhill cranes stop over in our area in the fall, I can't get enough of observing my surroundings and am humbled by it all and feel so lucky to live where we do. It all touches me from my heart, brain and eyes to my hands creating detailed textural paintings. Some of the textures are created by using handmade papers, wood, dried materials twigs, stones and my sculpted pieces are a mix of marble dust and acrylic medium to make a sculpting clay that dries hard for carving, sanding and painting. You just want to touch them asking is the caterpillar real, is the stones cold or really wet when touched? You have to look close at the details and sometimes you'll find I've hidden a painted nymph or stone fly in my underwater trout scenes, or look at the fine details of hairs on a moth.  I find the textural paintings to be so much fun to paint, I hope it is just as fun for those looking at what I've made."

Paintings Gallery 1 has photos of Holly's 3D paintings. Textural and unique artwork.

Paintings Gallery 2 has boxes that are enhanced with Holly's artwork.

Paintings Gallery 3 shows misc. paintings on tile, wood, paper and stone.

Key box with carved fish by Holly Benay Cutting
Carved frog from 3D painting by Holly Benay Cutting
Elk painted on Montana stone by Holly Benay Cutting