Copyright 2014  Buffalo Trail Artworks

       Each of Holly's hand painted items are all original pieces of art and painted with  a special paint that is baked (in an oven, not kiln fired) on to the stone, slate or ceramic tile and then sealed for durability.  The stone and tile paintings are used for decoration only and not to be used in showers or on floors.   Ask us if there are any questions about placement for the tiles and stone, and care in cleaning your art.

Paintings Gallery 1 has photos of Holly's paintings on stone, slate and tile.

Paintings Gallery 2 has more photos of Holly's paintings on stone, slate and tile.

Paintings Gallery 3 shows 3D paintings on hand made papers, wood, & stone.

       The butterfly, moths and dragonfly come matted in a variety of colors, and a few are framed in a wooden hand painted frame. I have done lots of details to these paintings down to the little hairs on the bodies and wings.  Background textures are from splattering paint with a toothbrush and fine haired paintbrushes. 
Matted - $75   12" x 12"            Matted and framed - $125  15" x 15"

Polyphemus moth and close up of wing.

Tiger swallow tail butterfly.

Luna moth.

Green dragonfly.

       Note from Holly:   At this time I do have some archival prints made from original artwork that was hand painted on tile.  From time to time I will try and feature some items here on this page.

Matted mini print in handpainted frame.

Framed mini print.

Elk painted on sunset bronze stone.
Chickadee painted on ceramic tile.
Holly's 3D painting close up of sculpted frog.
Tiger swallow tail painted on ceramic tile.
Luna moth painted on ceramic tile.
Dragonfly painted on ceramic tile.
Polyphemus moth painted on ceramic tile.
Close up of painted tile polyphemus moth wing.
Chipmunk painted on travertine for table top.

       Holly's 3D paintings are full of textures, handmade papers, wood, dried materials and stones.  Sculpted pieces are from a mix of marble dust and acrylic medium mixed to make a sculpting clay that dries hard for carving, sanding and painting.  A hidden bug, specs of moss, twigs, and rocks are some of the fun things to look for.   All paintings are sealed for easy cleaning. 
Contact Holly with any questions.

       I also have some prints I call mini prints.  Matted and framed in a hand painted
wood  frame.  9" x 9" - $50