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All designs and patterns are copyrighted and exclusive to Buffalo Trail Artworks.

       Most of the images in our mosaics galleries were custom orders.  We are sorry to say that we have removed the larger 4ft x 4ft elk, bears, mountains, etc. that you might see in some of these images from our price list as we  are temporarily unable to make them.  Our source for the larger slabs of our native Montana stone (the brown colored stone) hasn't been quarried lately in the thinner layers that we use.  If things should change, we will update the web site and start up again on the larger pieces of artwork.
Some items may be too large to ship safely.  Ask if it's shippable or pick up only.

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       Many of images below are miscellaneous projects and custom orders.  We've made stove pads (fire codes have changed - ask us about installation possibilities), custom made mosaic mirrors, and many other specialty items. There are always new and creative projects going on in our shop. We'd like to hear from you on your thoughts and ideas, lets sketch it out, give you a quote, and then continue with the creative process to make that unique piece that is just for you.

       Check out our other galleries that contain more photos of stone mosaics.
Gallery   ( 1 )   has walls while gallery   ( 2 )   has  floor photos.